Crown Point Film Festival

Thursday, May 25th  |  Screenings 10 am - 6:15 pm  |  Awards 7 pm

Crown Point International Film Festival (CPIFF) is a monthly and annual IMDb qualifying competition for filmmakers all over the world. The CPIFF nominates participating films monthly by jurried selection for an annual Best of Fest awards festival. The CPIFF Best of Fest nominees are announced each January. This year, virtual screenings of these films will be presented online from May 15-25, culminating with a live event at The Logan Theatre on May 25th.


Featured films:

The Truth Within
Gaby Soto & Juan Camilo Rincon (US) 4 mins  |  10 am

Queer Fish In God's Waiting Room
Adrian Pasdar (US) 11 mins  |  10:15 am

Apples, Oranges, Lemons & Limes
Patrick Mitchell (US) 45 mins  |  10:45 am

Billy Kills The Internet
Lon Strickland (US) 24 mins  |  11:45 am

Killing Irma
Sarah Clark (US) 17 mins  |  12:30 pm

Fangs vs Spurs
John Wesley Norton (US) 1 hr 25 mins  |  1 pm

From Here To There
George Atkinson & Alan Ciechalski (UK) 30mins  |  2:45 pm

It's Spring...
Roman Musheghyan (Armenia) 1 hr 45 mins  |  3:30 pm

Ravi Ajit Chopra (UK) 25 mins  |  5:30 pm

North Star
P.J. Palmer (US) 30 mins  |  6:15 pm

The Logan Theatre
2646 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

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