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We love all kinds of movies over here, so it's about time we blended a little something personal into our ongoing Late Night at The Logan series. These are the handpicked movies that are fresh on our minds, hit us close to home, or just strike us as a really great time. Read about why each one was selected, and look out for more!



2014  |  1hr 39min  |  R

Friday – Monday
July 26th – July 29th at 11 PM


Recommended by
Morgan Wiercinski 


Here's a note from Morgan: "The Grand Budapest Hotel is the story of Monsieur Gustave H., a concierge at the hotel, and a young new lobby boy named Zero, and the friendship they form while teaming up to try and prove Gustave's innocence after he is framed for muder.

I recommend seeing this movie on the big screen because of the amount of easily overseen details in [Wes] Anderson's style. The movie is important to me because of the use of color as such an intense visual tool. As an editor myself, I know color to be one of the most important aspects to filmmaking, and Anderson is known for doing color so well. I think seeing Budapest on the big screen would enhance this experience!"

On the above image: "It's a killer establishing shot. The colors are vibrant, the details of the hotel baroque and beautiful. The image sets the ornate tone of the movie so well and so early on. Not to mention this color palette is really breathtaking."


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