Curbside Popcorn Packs

Pre-order + pickup!

Watching movies at home is no fun without movie theater popcorn, so we're bringing it back to you, social-distancing style. Each combo is a great deal: fresh popcorn, an ever-rotating set of candy and beverage options, and the essence of the cinema all bundled together. This week, to celebrate the cyber return of CUFF, we have a watch party special. CUFF has been going strong for 27 years and we're not about to break the streak!

Place an online order in advance, and it will be available to pick up on Saturday (8/8) from 2-4 pm.

At pick up, all you need to do is present your credit card. Your confirmation number will be the last 4 digits of your card used to purchase. Buying a 21+ beverage combo? Remember to bring your photo ID to pick-up. The name on it must match the name on your order.






Classic Combos




Popcorn + Buncha Crunch

• Two jumbo bags of popcorn
• Box of Buncha Crunch
• $10






Popcorn + Raisinets

• Two jumbo bags of popcorn
• Box of Raisinets
• $10






Popcorn + Sour Patch Kids

• Two jumbo bags of popcorn
• Pack of Sour Patch Kids
• $10









Popcorn + Raisinets + Red Wine  21+

• Two jumbo bags of popcorn
• Box of Raisinets
• Bottle of House Red Wine
• $30







Popcorn + Sour Patch Kids + Solid Gold Lager  21+

• Two jumbo bags of popcorn
• Pack of Sour Patch Kids
• Pack of Solid Gold Lager
• $26



Popcorn + Buncha Crunch + Brooklyn Lager   21+

• Two jumbo bags of popcorn
• Box of Buncha Crunch
• Pack of Brooklyn Lager tallboy cans
• $28







Popcorn + Raisets + White Wine  21+

• Two jumbo bags of popcorn
Box of Raisinets
• Bottle of White Wine
• $30







Just Popcorn!

A single jumbo bag of popcorn
• $6






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